ITQSM is an international organization for Service quality auditingAssessment, Inspection, and Certifications. If you have any Institute such as an Educational institute or University or Association, Scientific Research Journal, Journal for multidisciplinary or Interdisciplinary Research, Academic Publishers, Publishers, healthcare, hospitals, medicals, hospitality, and tourism industry, mass media, telecommunication, information technology industry, financial services (banking & insurance), consulting services, real estate, legal services, employment sectors (human skills development) to educational institutions like college, University and so on. Then you’re eligible to take our service for a quality standardization check, quality auditing, Inspection, and certifications.

Our service is globally appreciated by Academic Institutes, Financial Institutes, Corporate CEOs / Charmain’s/ Board Presidents, and other international organizations.

If you wish to audit or assess your institute’s service standard and measure your service quality etc. then we will professionally assist you in this regard. Our Brand’s logo is as follows. If we audit and assess your organization’s service quality then we will authorize you to use the following logo and the quality assurance certificate from ITQSM.

We especially apply our innovative scientific service quality check models, formulas, tools, and techniques, etc. Mainly, our quality models such as  1. TQSM (Total Quality Service Measurement) Model, 2. SQGAPFILL Model/SQGAPFIL, 3. EQSERV (Economic Quality Service), 4. Quality Service Circle (7 Steps).

For more details, you may also visit our different page here:  and contact us via below mentioned E-Mail(s), we will reply to you back as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.

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ITQSM is recruiting Quality Assurance Auditors ( Volunteers), if you’re highly interested to join our global team of Auditors then please submit your latest CV/Resume and Photograph with Highest Academic Certificate’s scan copies to the following E-mail address: 

Position: 1. Quality Assurance Auditor/Quality Auditor ( Volunteer). This is a senior volunteer position. 

2. Quality Services Officer. This is a volunteer position at the junior level. 

***If you join us then you will learn service quality assessment tools and techniques used and applied by the ITQSM brand. This status will give you an opportunity to be an agent to provide such services internationally. ***