The “Universal Education Theory” innovated by Dr. Rejaul Abedin, PhD, FCMAN recently on 15.02.2019. He strongly believes that in the present world Universal Education Theory will be useful as it will redirects to gain moral education or to train individual through morally during their academic and social life. Moreover, Moral education can control human mind to prevent corruption, manipulation at both the micro and macro levels.

Universal Education Theory/Formula:

UE = [ HV + (EA + EST) + MR ] – Ie

Where,   UE     = Universal Education

                                          HV          = Human being as an Individual who requires Value addition

                                          EA      = Education for Academic sources

                                          EST     = Education from Self Learning and Talent from Almighty Allah (SWT)

                                          MR    = Morality / Moral Education from Religion

                                         Ie         = eradication of all Evils from individual character (Individual Evils)/

                                                           Eradicating the evils of corruption

Human being all are not by born meritorious, intellectual and moral. So, they require UE (Universal education) to follow which may aid to minimize or eliminate possible harms by preventing or removing from ones individual character and may help to maximize or promote ones ethical strength and standard in order to lead his or her (believers) life in both the area in here (present life) or hereafter (life after death).

In most of the academic education, it is found that, religious education or moral education is almost missing so, human being don’t have possibility to be learned by morally or ethically. Morale education teaches people to be trained in ethically sound in their life in the side like conscience, psychologically and spiritually. Why moral education or training it is mainly a reason, it directs human towards all good deeds except bad deeds or corrupt intention or harm others. Generally, people don’t embezzle or snatch other’s asset or corruption of other’s wealth but if they don’t trained morally then situation may arise such as in the absence of land lords or owners they may be deceived or weak people may be faced by injustice during his/her trial issue.

Before proper academic or moral education as an individual may have chance to be captured some evil habits, unwanted knowledge, wicked skills, bad attitudes, criminal behavior, deceitful tendency and devils character etc. from his bad companions or from societies. But these situations and status should be altered by the application of moral values of education from religion. When such evils individual characterizes be able to eradicated from one’s self life then Universal Education theory or formula could be seen its effectiveness. Universal education means, the opportunity for all people to have equal prospect in education or training, regardless of their social status, gender, race, ethnicity background or physical and mental disabilities. If an individual to got appropriate education or training then s/he can be able to develop their economy, society, nation, country all consequently.  S/he will not involve any unethical activity like financial or economical corruption, manipulation; so far biases, nepotism, greediness attitude shall not be raised. As a result of Universal Education, it develops personal qualities of mercy, generosity, kindness, and charity. It is also assisted to enrich one’s tendency for humanity, self-sacrifice, love, and promote high moral ideals of action for the sack of good for others. Moral excellence actually comes from practice of religious study along with academic learning.

Ordinary morality doesn’t welcome in UE (Universal education) theory! As for example, a rich individual may perform hajj but later if s/he practices bribery activities or biases against the truth then it is proves that actual moral education is absent here because s/he didn’t morally educated. Another example, Doctors should not demand high charge during their consulting hours to patients as this is service oriented not for profit profession for mankind or humanity. Rich businessmen or wealthy people if don’t share their zakat of Ramadan/ fitrah (An annual tax on Muslims for payment made annually under Islamic law on certain kinds of property and used for charitable and religious obligation purposes) to the needy or poor people’s then this is clearly falls under malpractices of moral education.

Human being may be learned from different sources such as academics, self-learning, and talent from God Gifted/ The Allah Almighty (SWT), Moral education from religious studies and so on. Every individual may have unique nature or character but this individual’s nature may be consumed some poisonous evil character from their surrounding atmospheres which can be improved by applying the Universal Education theory. It can be strongly assume that in all levels of education moral education is badly needed. Some people believe that merely this should be included in the school stages but this is not true in a sense, reason is that in an average all individual are not equally matures in merit or talent. If in the College or University level they can be able to learn morality in the arena of moral psychology or moral business administration or business morality or morality management then all individual should be able to add moral value from their educators in academic life.

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Dr. Rejaul Abedin, PhD, FCMAN is a scholar, researcher and author of renowned books. Earlier he has innovated Service Quality Models such as EQ SERV, SQ GAPFIL, TQSM. Currently as a Consulting Head & CEO, Dr. R. Abedin managing his consulting & Training firm “ ThoughtWares Consulting & Multi Services International” at Vienna, Austria and Lisbon, Portugal. Earlier he served as an associate in the Accounting & Finance Department at a Private University “North East University Bangladesh (NEUB)”.  He can be contacted at E-Mail: